National Blues Challenge

Trainman Blues – winners of the Danish Blues Challenge 2018

Trainman Blues


Trainman Blues

Trainman Blues is the brainchild of Irish singer/songwriter Richard Farrell and bass player/producer Laust Nielsen.

Winner of ‘Best Blues Album’ at “Danish Music Awards Blues” in 2018 and winner of the Danish Blues Challenge the same year, they have accumulated a lot of fun and success over the last 18 months.

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Band Members

Richard Farrell is from a classical background with roots in blues, soul and folk while Laust Nielsen comes from a blues, reggae and hiphop background, having been a session bass player in the scene for over 15 years. Combining their strengths, Laust’s visions and ear for productions with Richard’s melodies and lyrics, makes Trainman Blues such a strong force.

Joining them in a live setting are drummer Thomas Crawfurd and guitarist Nichlas Kure (Thomas Crawfurd also features on the album).

Thomas Crawfurd is an incredibly musical and thoughtful drummer, creating beautiful layers with the use of different shakers and percussion. He plays with Fried Okra Band and has played with the likes of Gene Taylor.

Nichlas Kure is a guitarist who has a big stage presence: his muscular, flamboyant, Albert King-like guitar game with a hard metallic sound is reflected by a Neil Young-like body language.

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